Intimate Internet Show Next Tuesday!

Next Tuesday (that’s the 5th of November) at 9pm EST we will be doing a live acoustic internet show here in the comfort of our home studio. We’ll be playing a few stripped down versions of some of our new songs from This Time Round and chatting online with those who join us. Of course 9pm EST will not suit our non-American friends so we promise that if it is a roaring success we will follow it up very shortly with an online show at a more hospitable hour for those of you in Europe, Russia and further afield.

So what is StageIt?

Stageit is an online venue that allows musicians to stream exclusive LIVE concerts to fans. The vibe is incredibly intimate often featuring performers playing from their homes, directly from their laptop.

Here’s how it works according to the Stageit folks: Go to, click sign-up to set up an account and then click the GET TICKET button. It will offer you an opportunity to purchase credits (which Stageit calls “Notes” ; 10 Notes = $1.00). Notes allow you to pay for tickets to see shows and to tip performers during the show. Once you have Notes, they can be used for any show!

We are charging $5 for the show and we’ve limited the tickets to just 30.
We will also be giving away a limited edition poster to the top tipper.

It should be fun. Do join us.

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