Kevin to miss Montreal, Toronto, Detroit

This year Kevin has experienced many difficulties and delays with the processing of his Visa. Unfortunately we now know he will not be back in time to perform at the Montreal, Toronto and Detroit shows. He is hugely disappointed for both our fans and himself as he has never had the opportunity to play Canada before. It’s also been far too long since he last visited Detroit where he has always had a great experience. We are still hoping that he will be back in time for the Chicago show and we will keep you posted via Twitter, Facebook and our website.

All is not lost however for our Canadian supporters (and our Detroit friends) as Mick is stepping up to the plate. He will be performing a set of STORYMAN songs and This Time Round producer Chris Kuffner will also be joining him for a few numbers. Mick promises to knock it out of the park for you all. Please get there early and make some noise for him!

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  1. Mary jane Ryan says:

    I am so sorry that you are embroiled in this bureaucratic nightmare, Kevin. Hope you are back with us soon.

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