Storyman Mountain Stage Rebroadcast

Storyman at Mountain Stage

It was a such a pleasure for Storyman to play on episode 831 of Mountain Stage in West Virginia last year. For the third time in our career we got to be a part of a legendary radio show. Did you know that The Mountain Stage was one of only three venues that R.E.M. played in 1991 to support the release of their album Out Of Time? That’s how much they enjoy playing the venue and working with the lovely people who make that show happen. It’s the same reason we love being invited back.

So I’m writing this evening to let you know that our performance last year on The Mountain Stage is scheduled for rebroadcast and begins feeding to radio this weekend. It’s a two hour long show where we get to play some of our songs alongside amazing musicians including first family of the banjo Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn. Even if we were not in this particular episode we would highly recommend you listening to it.

Our set includes Afloat, Coming Home, Ruby Heart, The Universe Is Laughing and Cherry Red.

The episode is also available for download from iItunes here:

and for people in the U.S., Air-times and stations for the radio broadcast can be found here:

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