Storyman sign with Cabin 24 / Secret Road

We are delighted to announce that Storyman have signed a joint publishing deal with Cabin 24 Records and Secret Road Music Services.

“Storyman’s new record is one of my top records of this year.  I am blown away by their musicianship and creativity.  And live, they are incredible.  I am so proud to be working with them to release this amazing music.”  - Ingrid Michaelson

Cabin 24 is the record label owned by successful independent singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. We first met Ingrid when she invited us to join her on a coast to coast American tour in 2010. The tour offered the perfect pairing of artists but beyond the stage magic there was an instant affinity with the whole Michaelson organization. In fact Ingrid’s musical director and producer Chris Kuffner, after watching us perform every night, came on board with an expanded vision for our sound and signed on to co-produce our next album “This Time Round”. We are delighted to have signed with Ingrid’s Cabin 24 /Secret Road publishing team and to further expand our creative collaboration with her.

Secret Road are a very talented group of people who are passionate about music and extremely enthusiastic about Storyman. Their mission is to spread our work further into film and television –  you’ll be hearing more of our tunes on the big and small screens in short order. They have a very talented roster of artists such as Josh Ritter, Rachel Yamagata and of course the extremely talented Ingrid Michaelson among others. We are thrilled to be working with them.

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